Photo Project

27 degrees of separation
"My friend Elon Musk"

There is a theory of Six degrees of separation, where all people on average are six, or fewer, social connections away from each other. A standard 35mm film roll has around 27 frames. With the use of a disposable camera you recieved I want to validate the theory by making one shot of a well-known person and ask to do the same with his the most famous friend. In the end, I expect to get photos of e.g. Greta Thunberg, Tom Hanks, Cardi B, or Elon Musk.

The rules

First of all my congratulations, if you read this it means someone thinks you are famous and I'm so glad this is exctly you! All the process including reading of this manual takes 5 minutes. If you agree take the rules finishin the job will be a matter of honor. Let's go:

  1. So, your freind had taken picture of yours already and you agreed to transfer photo ownership to me — author of the project. Choose the most famous person among your social circle of and shortly describe the idea (you could share this link).
  2. Meet with them personally, and don't forget to take the box with the camera.
  3. Warn the model, that letting you captured by default means the refusal of the ownership of the picture and transfers the rights to the author of the project — Anton Kharitonov (me), who intends to dispose of the pictures as he sees fit: print, display on the Internet, and at exhibitions.
  4. Great, now you need to make ONE portrait shot. Here is how to make a good shot:
    • Prepare the camera — spin the advance wheel on the top — it will twist the film roll to the needed position.
    • Move the flash switch on the front of the camera to the top to turn on the flash and wait till it charges. You could not use the flash only if you are outside of the building, the sun is bright, and your model not in the shadow. In any other cases please use flash
    • Check your fingers don't fit into the frame. You can't see this through the viewfinder, so look directly at your hands. Yes, on your hands and the lens.
    • Point the camera at your model. Here are the examples of portrait photos:
    • Make a shot. You will hear the click and will see the flash light.
    • Check if the flash turned off.
  5. Pass the camera to the person whose picture you just took.
  6. Send me an email with your name and the name of the person you gave the camera to. Please do not delay, I would not like to leave the project as a legacy to my grandchildren.
  7. You are great, thank you sooo much!


Q: The camera is not working.
A: Please check on the top of the camera the counter of shots, if 0 I will ask you to send it to me via post (I will reimburse costs), but first please email me. If there is available 1 or more frames — just reach me via email.

Q: I have a question not in this list.
A: Reach me via email. Contacts are below.


Name: Anton Kharytonov
Phone: +38 093 1450 777
Address: 118 Mechnykova str., 64 apt., Irpen city, Kyiv oblast, Ukraine, 08200